About the Project

The aim of this 5-year ERC Advanced Grant project is to compile a comprehensive etymological dictionary of  the Japonic languages, which comprises Old Japanese, Middle Japanese, and Ryukyuan languages with textual contexts and accent for each entry. This will be put together by our scientific core members and the quality will be ensured by numerous researchers and experts who have agreed to join the project as members of our consulting team. We hope that this dictionary will serve as an essential reference tool for all researchers who desire to deepen their understanding of the origins of the Japonic languages.  


Entry structure : 

All entries will be organized according to the following structure:

 1) Western Old Japanese; 2) Middle Japanese; 3) Early Modern Japanese; 4) Japanese dialects; 5) Eastern Old Japanese; 6) Hachijō Language; 7) Old Okinawan; 8) North Ryukyuan; 9) South Ryukyuan; 10) External Etymologies; 11) Reconstruction; 12) Extralinguistic Comments


See a sample entry

Each entry is the superimposition of specific linguistic layers. Each layer is written by a member of the core-team or by a consulting expert when the entry requires a specific expertise.

As a result, each entry will be constituted as the sum or the combination of contributions of 3 to 4 different scholars.